The story of WOLFiES Roasted Nuts!

As a young boy stomping around the old West End of Findlay, Ohio, I was lucky enough to live near Mrs. "Maggie" Phillips' old white two-story house. Her first floor was a small store. It was a child's dream with its old creaky wooden floors, comic books, penny candy, and an aroma of fresh roasted nuts. For a returnable pop bottle I could get a small bag of those warm redskins or delicious cashews. 

Maggie Phillips Place Today I own the store (WOLFiES) and we roast our nuts everyday using the same old-fashioned techniques that Maggie used.

Our customers love the slow roasted taste and we are always looking for ways to add to WOLFiES full line of flavorful roasted nuts. 

In February 1996, WOLFiES  Nuts began roasting Crunchy Roasted Nuts, a unique recipe for dry roasting nuts, discovered in "Old Mexico" by brothers Don and Hillis Schieber. They brought the recipe home and patented the process. The crisp coating and snappy flavor has made WOLFiES Crunchy Roasted Nuts an international favorite, and a delicious addition to WOLFiES selection of fresh roasted nuts. We are proud to carry on the tradition of quality started by Maggie, Don and Hillis.

You have my personal assurance that all of WOLFiES roasted nut products are prepared with only the finest ingredients and packaged to enhance the fresh roasted flavor.