WOLFiES 3 Month Nut of Month Club - Send 2 bags/month $21 to $26/mo.

6 Month Nut of the Month Club - Send 2 bags/month $22-$27/mo.

Congratulations on choosing what we believe are the best hand crafted specialty snacks in the world - WOLFiES Nuts.

You know about gourmet nuts like Cashews, Almonds and Peanuts.  We agree, they are great. But we go a step farther and slow roast our nuts. It takes longer but brings out each nuts' unique flavors. 

Be sure to include our specialty nuts - Crunchy Coated Nuts! WOLFiES Crunchy Coated Nuts feature a unique FLAVOR-INFUSED COATING hand crafted using old-world techniques to create big, bold flavors.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY - Order by Christmas and include our Holiday Mix - NUTCRACKER SWEET. It's an indulgent mix of chocolate covered, honey roasted and butter toasted nuts plus real M&M's - A WOLFiES Crowd Favorite.

Whichever nuts you choose, your nut lover will thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: All Nut of the Month subscriptions are shipped starting the Monday of the second full week of the month and ending on Friday of the third week. Your nuts are on the way! Thank You WOLFiES

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Choose any 12 Standard or Premium Nut Selections below
  • If you select less than 12 nuts, we will complete your order with our favorites. Or tell us what you want in Special Requests below.
The nuts listed below are part of our Standard Nut of the Month Club Selection. If you would like Premium Nuts in your Nut of the Month Club order, they are available next*. * Additional charges apply
We select different Standard nuts for you each month from our favorites
Our ORIGINAL Crunchy Nut - has a slightly sweet and salty flavor-infused coating
MOST POPULAR - Slow Roasted Peanuts with a Cheddar & Japapeno flavor-infused coating
Perfect with a cold one - same flavor-infused coating as Original on a Jumbo Redskin
Spicy Crunchy Combo of Original, Wasabi, Cheddar & Jalapeno and Spicy Southwest
Slow Roasted Peanuts with Spicy Southwest flavor-infused coating with the added heat of Ghost Peppers
Great Bar Mix of Almonds, Cashews, Crunchy Original, Crunchy Macadamias plus Jumbo Redskins
Spicy Blend of Chipotle Nuts, Jumbo Redskins, Cashews, Crunchy Original, Crunchy Spicy Southwest and 4 types of sesame sticks.
Sweet & Salty mix of plain & peanut M&M's with Crunchy Original & Jumbo Redskins
Slow Roasted Jumbo Virginia Redskins
Slow Roasted Peanuts coated with a honey and sugar glaze
Sweet & Salty mix of M & M®s, Peanuts, Cashews, Sunflower Kernels & Raisins
Sriracha flavor-infused Peanuts
The Brainchild of WOLFiES youngest daughter, this crazy mix has a little something for everyone including: Our own Jumbo Cashews, Flavor-Infused Crunchy Beer Nuggets, Original Peanuts, Spicy Southwest peanuts, & our XL Redskin peanuts.
Our Hottest Creation Yet! This Flamethrower Of A Peanut Is Made With Carolina Reaper Peppers. Fear The Reaper--Carefully.
We select different Premium nuts for you each month from our favorites
ONLY AVAILABLE DURING CHRISTMAS (NOV.-DEC.) Indulgent mix of Double Dipped Chocolate Covered peanuts, Honey Roasted Cashews, Butter Toasted peanuts, Honey Roasted peanuts and Real M & M®s.
Blend of Crunchy Nuts includes Macadamias, Cashews, Almonds & Original
Premium mix of Jumbo Cashews, Pecan Halves, Whole Almonds, Roasted Brazils & Roasted Filberts (Hazelnuts). No peanuts added
Slow Roasted Whole Almonds
Slow Roasted Almonds smothered in cinnamon, sugar & vanilla. Also known as Bavarian Almonds
Same flavor-infused coating as Original on Whole Almonds
Slow Roasted Jumbo Cashews
Same flavor-infused coating as Crunchy Original on Whole Cashews
Slow Roasted Cashews coated with a honey and sugar glaze
A Cashew Lover's Dream - Jumbo, Crunchy and Honey Roasted Cashew Mix
Spicy Wasabi flavor-infused coating on XL Peanut
Same flavor-infused coating as Original on Macadamias
Slow Roasted Pecan Halves
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  • If you select less than 12 nuts, we will complete your order with our favorites. Or tell us what you want in Special Requests below.
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